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The "HIND" Micro Pulverizer are acknowledge in India and Abroad for its robust construction, good design and high efficiency grinding unit which grinds variety of products, soft to medium hard materials, from granular to fine grinds quickly and most economically.

This Micro Mill provides higher production at low cost. Quite Popularly, it is also called high-speed close tolerance Hammer Mill. Its low temperature rise during grinding is particularly advantageous in the handling of heat sensitive materials. A built in water circulation jacket retains grinding temperatures lower than otherwice. This micro mill also improved mixing and dispersion added advantages.


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How it Works

The Hind Micro Pulverizer consists of a rotor assembly fitted with Beaters and operates normally at high speed, a top cover fitted with Serreted liner plates, a retaining Screen at the point of pulverizing mill discharge and a feeder screw assembly where by the unground materials is uniformly feed to the grinding chamber unit.

The grinding action in this mill is one of impact between rapidly moving beaters and the particles themselves. The energy of moving beaters dissipates itself in to the fine particles, thus causing size reduction.

Technical Specifications :

Mill Category Screen Type
 Model Type BABY NO. 1 NO. 2
 Size of Grinding Chamber 5" 8" 11.5"
 Beaters (Hammers ) Nos. 6 6 24
 Feed Screw(s) Nos. Manual Feed 1 3
 Motor for Main Drive (H.P.) 2 HP 5 HP 10-15 HP
 Motor for Feeder Drive : (HP) - 0.75 HP 1 HP
 Max. Permissible feed size : (mm) 5 mm 10 mm 10 mm
 Approx. overall Dimension :
 (In m.m./Inch)
Height :  1375 (55") 1550 (62") 1800 (72")
Width :  800 (32") 1300 (52") 1600 (64")
Depth :  700 (28") 1000 (40") 1300 (52")
 Approx. Capacity (Kg/hr/operation) 5-10-25 kg. 30-60-125 100-300-450
 Fineness Range : 100 to 300 mesh B. S. S.

Note :

  • The Figure for capacity given above are for guidance only, and may vary from case to case, depending on many a factor.
  • Illustration are to give an idea of the machine and are not binding us to details.
  • All dimension and specifications subjects to change and alteration without prior notice due to constant up gradation.
  • Capacity, fineness and ultimate results depends largely on physical & other properties of your feed materials information furnished in the specifications chart of this site is for general guidance.

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