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Introduction :

To accommodate various types of jobs performed by pulverizer, Jaw Crusher, Grinder, Disintegrator in one unit, we have designed a versatile unit - The HIND............IMPACT AIR-SWEPT MILL (SCREENLESS PULVERIZER).

Extremely versatile, the perfect can handle, varieties of materials in different size in one step, time saving operation and economy.

Salient Feature :
The HIND Impact Air-Swept Pulverizer.....

  • Grinding, Classifying and Conveying done all in one single operation.
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • This mill uses air-classification which does not require screen. Hence the problem associated with screen like choking, puncturing, etc. do not arise.
  • No dusting from feeding hopper because feeding is done under negative pressure.
  • Less dusting on discharge side because of sue of cyclone separator with air ballons.
  • It is manually feed is a normal practice. However, it can be supplied with automatic feeding also.
  • Water circulation jacket arrangement is an optional feature apart from different style of grinding elements.


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Principal Of Operation

The HIND Impact Pulverizer consists of an encased rotor carrying swing hammers, whizzer classifier for fineness regulation, and pressure gradient creator mounted on a solid shaft.
Raw materials from a feed hopper enters manually, spills into the grinding chamber. The Impact of the hammers on the feed materials against the liner plates, reduces it in to fine powder. The ground materials is carried toward the whizzer classifier for classification, and the over size particles are rejected by the fineness regulators (Whizzer classifier) and returns to the grinding chamber for further grinding. Classified materials is then conveyed into the cyclone for collection and bagging. A cotton dust bag is provided in the system for ensuring dustless operation and no less of ground powder.

Technical Specifications :

Mill Category SCREENLESS
 Model Type HIP - 8 HIP - 12 HIP 16
 Grinding Chamber (Inch. / m.m) 8" (200) 12" (300) 16" (400)
 Hammers (Beaters) : 6 6 `8
 Electric Motor : Horse Power (H.P.) 2-3 HP 5-7.5 HP 10-15 HP
 R. P. M. of Mill 4000 3000-4000 2000-3000
 Space Required : (feet) L X W X Ht. 5' X 3' X 8'Ht. 6' X 3.5'X12'Ht. 8' X 4' 12' Ht.
 Approx. Capacity feed size : (m.m) 5-25 kg/hr 30-60-150 kg/hr 50-100-200 kg/hr
 Max. Permissible feed size : (m.m.) 5-15 10-20 10-25
 Fineness Range 100 - 300 mesh B.S.S.

Note :

  • The Figure for capacity given above are for guidance only, and may vary from case to case, depending on many a factor.
  • Illustration are to give an idea of the machine and are not binding us to details.
  • All dimension and specifications subjects to change and alteration without prior notice due to constant up gradation.
  • Capacity, fineness and ultimate results depends largely on physical & other properties of your feed materials. Information furnished in the specifications chart of this site is for general guidance.

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